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About Me

My name is Audree Brunke, I'm 12 years old and on January 6th, 2022, I founded Happy Feet of Madison. After hearing the challenges of a family friend who was previously homeless, I decided to make a difference by giving out socks to homeless in need. I'm a Freshman, and when I'm not playing Volleyball or playing with my cats, I devote my time to this cause. I truly appreciate your consideration in supporting the homeless through Happy Feet of Madison, Inc.


The story of Happy Feet

Have you ever thought of the challenges that homeless people face? 

Let's put our empathic sock on... 

If you put on a wet sock, or wear socks for a long time, they become sweaty and uncomfortable.

You may get debris stuck inside of your sock, or worse accidentally get them wet.  

We can all agree wet/dirty socks SUCK. 

The homeless don't have the luxury of being able to go home and wash those socks; they just have to deal with it. Our mission is to provide every homeless person with clean/new socks twice a week. 

So, Happy Feet Madison was founded. 

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